Development Management & Consulting

With established relationships with Brokers, Consultants, Vendors and Contractors, JMA Commercial Services serves as the owner’s representative through the life of project. By coordinating our services we are committed to negotiating and executing the project goals for each of our Client’s.

At JMA, we work one-on-one with our clients in developing and managing both large and small-scale projects.

As your development ally, JMA is committed to serving your needs. To that end, we offer a variety of development structures to fit your specific requirements:

  1. Development for a fee.
  2. Development as a partner.
  3. Development for a user/owner.

When you enter into a development arrangement with JMA Commercial Services you can rest assured that we’ll be right by your side throughout every stage of the development process. From feasibility, planning, and financing to market analysis, contract negotiations, construction, and asset management, JMA will see you through. You can count on us to be your development partner from beginning to end.

Because we’ve worked extensively on both sides of the development table, both as a broker and a developer of properties, we bring a unique vantage point.

On the construction side of things JMA will assist you in:

  1. Determining the appropriate location and type of construction to include the size and shape of the building, the bay spacing, floor capacities, HVAC requirements, lighting, and the flexibility to expand the facility, all with a constant eye toward uncovering alternative costs for these attributes.
  2. Securing financing of your development project with bank loans, insurance company loans, CMBS financing, revenue bonds, or other hybrids.
  3. Unearthing city, county, state, and federal government construction and job expansion incentives your development project might qualify for.
  4. Reviewing contract or lease legalese to determine if the business terms being offered are the most advantageous to you.
  5. Assessing the risk of your development, determining the structure that will allow you the most flexibility, and appraising the rate structure that most appropriately fits your ultimate development goals.

In short, JMA is your development partner from inception to completion of your project.